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Land Partnerships

We are always keen to hear from landowners and agents who have land or buildings suitable for development. Our land and property developers have several years of experience creating unique accommodation and workspaces for people to live and work. We have partnered with several individuals to develop lands and properties in prime locations across England.

Our approach is to help landowners parcel out land and buildings on which our investors and developers can build new residential and commercial properties. The approach places a strong emphasis on the process of creating and sustaining sound business relationships.

Dirt Construction Site

By encouraging the partnership between landowners and land developers, we are providing the landowners with an opportunity to derive income from their lands without having to incur any significant land development costs, while we give our investors and developers an opportunity to develop their business skills and earn income without having to incur the prohibitive cost of land purchase.

Store Owner

The opportunities we consider include:

  • Greenfield and brownfield sites

  • Urban or rural locations

  • Sites with or without planning permission

  • Commercial premises/hotels suitable for redevelopment

  • Mixed-use residential/commercial developments

  • Medium and long-term strategic land opportunities

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