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Bespoke Property Consultancy

Our bespoke property consultancy is a niche housing market consultancy. Our leading experts provide professional, independent, and specifically tailored advice to clients, by leveraging our experience and in-depth understanding of the changing real estate and property market.

While we are focused on staying ahead of our competition, we also ensure that our solutions are innovative, energy-efficient, structurally impeccable, and transformative. We deliver high standards of service to our clients and achieve their objectives by promoting workable schemes.

Friendly Conversation

Our team of design and construction experts are always eager to assist individuals and corporate organizations to design and create bespoke properties that work best for them. This is why we tailor our advice specifically to our clients’ design preference and housing requirements.

South Kensington London Mews

We specialize in the following areas of property consultation:

  • Financial Viability

  • Architectural design and building plan

  • Section 106 advice and negotiations

  • Affordable Housing

  • Housing Policy

  • Financial & Property Investment modelling

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